Introduction to statistics with ASTERICS (beginners)

Biostatistics: Introduction to biostatistics (1st level)

This course is part of the Plateforme Biostatistique de Toulouse training session: “Initiation à LA statistique avec ASTERICS”. The first session has been held on November 16-17, 2023. Another session is scheduled on March 25-26, 2024.

The content of this course is basic statistics, illustrated with the web tool for statistical analysis ASTERICS. It is taught by Nathalie Vialaneix. The course covers the following topics:

  • exploratory statistics in one and two dimensions, including plots

  • statistical inference and statistical tests

  • (maybe) PCA and clustering

This page gathers information about the course and material to download.

Please, contact Nathalie Vialaneix for any question that you might have before the class.

Materiel for the class

  1. Course material: Slides are available at this link.
  2. Practical session: To avoid overloading ASTERICS public server during the training session, we will preferentially run ASTERICS locally using docker. If your computer is on linux and docker is installed, you might use it during the training session. Otherwise, since I have no experience of using docker on Windows or Mac, it would be better that you use the computers of the classroom. For the practical session, I will use some data from this public repository but you can also bring your own data as CSV files (with samples in rows and measurements or descriptors in columns or the opposite, if possible).
    Slides describing how to launch ASTERICS from the linux command line with docker are described in these slides.